D.I.Y Your First Car Air Freshener in Malaysia!

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D.I.Y Your First Car Air Freshener in Malaysia!

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car air freshener Malaysia

D.I.Y Your First Car Air Freshener in Malaysia!

What’s can make you better mood while driving? Except for the music, scents in car are also the important mood while driving. Imagine that you are in good mood to going work or class in the early morning, but your car’s scent are smelly that will cause you start panic and tension for whole day. This is the reason scentips are here to make you good mood while driving as well as can help you inspiring your design sense for your car perfume even your perfume bag!!

How the scents can be customize?

As you can see our title of the blog, scentips can let you choose your scents based on your personality! Here some examples of scents to describe different types of personality:

The first one, woody perfume. This type of scent is especially for nature lovers. This scents are represented warm and earthy and will make you feel like have a touch of citrus, which gives it an aromatic scent. Also, not only the nature lovers, if you love to take lead of the group and total perfectionist in your life, this is your best scents that can characterized you are the person who are strong-minded, ambitious, natural leaders that tend to have higher expectation between themselves and others. They can get easily offended by physical remarks and can misinterpret what others say about them. So take our little tips to make your life better, relax and do not shame on being a shark at work and in your love life! Just take a minute to pat yourself on the back for all of your achievements and make sure do not come across as too sour when you do not get you way.

The second one is a traditional perfume which is floral scents that most female are acceptance and most widely sold perfumes. This floral perfume is represented individuals are feminine and romantic and will tend to weigh all options before making a choice. Is not an issue for you, as this presented that you are naturally cautions and considerate to decide your each decisions. Not other than that, you also have huge, close -knit network of friends as everyone are consider you are easy to be around right of the bat. That’s why you get along so well with just about everyone. To be admitted, your closest pals are the happiness as you are the one who never fails to surprise her/his birthdays’ party and are cheerful person that can be counted on you during their though time.

The third one is fruity perfume. This scent is like scents that are citrusy and spicy. Person who are enjoy to the fragrance of fresh fruit are normally young, energetic, and lively. Basically, is a person that represented fun-loving. Your life are cannot lack of party as party is your life! You love dancing, drinking, meeting new people, and socializing in buzzing atmospheres. Staying at home on the weekend is not your cup of tea, you do much rather spend the night on the town to wonderful your life!

The forth one is green perfume. This scent are for the people who love to enjoy the smell of cut grass and have a relaxed personality. They love outdoors and enjoy earthy smells that remind them of being in outside. But it is different for woody perfume as this personality are represented a steady and dependable and is rather to stay in comfortable, long-term relationship than endure the unpredictability and disappointment of serial-dating. The person who are someone that doesn’t just pop into someone’s life fleetingly—you maintain friendships for decades and never lose touch, no matter the physical distance in your relationships.

The fifth scent is linen perfumeThis scent is likely fresh laundry or cotton. This scent are represented the person who runs marathons for fun. People are amazed that you’re always training for something extraordinary, but you can’t get enough of these physical and mental tests. You enjoy pushing your endurance to the limits, and you have an “anything is achievable with hard work” attitude. Also, person are also are “action-oriented”, they also enjoy physical and mental challenges. They tend to be self-confident, intuitive, goal-oriented, and always in control.

The next scent is coconut perfume. This scent are characterized the person who are most stylish and fashion-forward bunch for them. They are authoritative leaders who like to take charge in situations and are impressible to criticism. Besides, they are very enjoy for making decision on behalf of others and like to command attention in a room. It caused some admirers watching them of every move regularly as people around them are trust their intuition and taste.

Tea perfume is represented the person who like to take a new and exciting adventures in their life and does not like to waste one single second to being bored stiff. They are also love to stay out until the sun rises and ending up in unexpected places. They love dancing and not care about what others think about them or the way there are dress. As they believed, life are worth to live without any regret.

Herbs Perfume (Thymus, Peppermint, Coriander, Basil, Cinnamon…)

Herbs perfume is categorized the person who like to smell the different types of herbs plant are the person who have huge heart, love their family, love routine and order and also a pleasure seeker. They are love to cook and staying at home to relax their life. Moreover, they are also traditionalist, nostalgic and the person who cannot crossed over, as they are stand up what they believe in and justice is important to them. Additionally, they are a good planner to plan a tour or party and have a great imagination being around their friends and family.

A dessert perfume, like a candy, person who love to smell sweet scent are categorized the sweet personalities. They are optimistic about everything and can make any event to look more fun to attract others to keep coming back for more. They also reliable, genuine, and go with the flow. Plus, if people around them are having a bad day, their innocent humor and exhilarating personalities are absolutely make people happy and cannot get enough on it. Since they are optimistic, they love playing in groups and have a kid in their heart. They are center of attention that drawing people in with their cotton-candy childishness and youthful charm.

How to D.I.Y your first car air freshener in Malaysia?

Based on the above sub-title, I guess you have some mind that which is your scents that are specialty for you. Here is the question, how to D.I.Y your first car air freshener in Malaysia for your car?

All you need to do, is come to access our websites, https://www.scentips.com and sign as our member to enjoy priority! We will update the latest design for scent bag or the new scents for you! Other than that, you can also design your own scent bag and send to us your design, we can do it specially to you!

If you are lazy to customize your scents and scent bag, you can just drop us a message and we will come contact you with asking a few basic questions or start a simple quiz in our website! This is the easy ways and convenience to you for customize your specialty scents and scent bag.

Why choosing us?

You must wondering, why you should choose us not others? The reason for this is we know exactly the what customers needs and we can heard from your thought and feedback to make us improve more better in future.

Furthermore, scentips is a fast growing in every aspects including service for luxury car perfumes although our company are new to you. We have the reliable and faithful supplier named S W Aroma that have strong reputation and will be strengthen your trustworthy towards our company. For our scentips‘s products, is in a low prices but enjoy customize design by you own.

Give us a chance to serve you better and we will have more products are coming soon!

P.s Below are the reward for the person who are finished to read our first blog, be our member to enjoy more priority!





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