Create Your Own Lifestyle

Woody Perfume

Represented the person who are natural lovers. They are perfectionist and like to take a lead in a group. Natural leader are tend to have higher expectation between themselves and others and are strong-minded as well as ambitious.

Floral Perfume

They are naturally cautions and considerations to decide each decisions. However, everyone are more likely to make friends to them as they are the cheerful and sweetest friends that you can get along so well with just about everyone.

Fruity Perfume

Normally are represented the person who are young, energetic, lively and fun-loving. Their life are absolutely cannot lack of party as party are part of their life and staying home at weekend are not their cup of tea.

Green Perfume

The person who like to smell the cut of grass and have a relaxed personality. They are steady and dependable to every things. Also, they are deserves to being a friends as they can maintain their friendship for decades and never lose touch, not matter the physical distance in their relationships.

Linen Perfume

Represented the person who are enjoy pushing their endurance to the limits, and have an attitude of ‘anything is achievable with hard work’. They are tend to be self-confident, intuitive, goal-oriented and always like training for something extraordinary. They are also enjoy physical and mental challenge for their life.

Coconut Perfume

Characterized the person who are most stylish and fashion-forward bunch for them. They are authoritative leaders who like to take charge in situations and are impressible to criticism. Besides, they are very enjoy for making decision on behalf of others and like to command attention in a room. It caused some admirers watching them of every move regularly as people around them are trust their intuition and taste.

Tea Perfume

The person who like to smell the scent of tea are characterized as they like to take a new and exciting adventures in their life and does not like to waste one single second to being bored stiff. They are also love to stay out until the sun rises and ending up in unexpected places. They love dancing and not care about what others think about them or the way there are dress. As they believed, life are worth to live without any regret.

Herbs Perfume

Is the person who have huge heart, love their family, love routine and order and also a pleasure seeker. They love to cook and staying at home to relax their life. Also, they are traditionalist, nostalgic and they are stand up what they believe in and justice is important to them. Additionally, they are a good planner to plan a tour or party and have a great imagination being around their friends and family.

Dessert Perfume

They are optimistic, reliable, genuine, and go with the flow. Plus, if people around them are having a bad day, their innocent humor and exhilarating personalities are absolutely make people happy and cannot get enough on it. They love playing in groups and have a kid in their heart. They are center of attention that drawing people in with their cotton-candy childishness and youthful charm.